Frequently Asked Questions about H0 Gauge

  • How do I install the 74490/ 74491 turnout mechanism?

    You will find and extensive explanation of the individual installation steps in our technical tips. Tipp 401


  • Wie funktioniert der H0-Bahnübergang?

    Der Märklin H0-Bahnübergang funktioniert über das Kontaktgleis, einer der Besonderheiten des Mittelleiter-Konzepts. Detaillierte Informationen finden Sie im Technik-Tipp.
    Tipp 407

  • How does the H0 grade crossing work?

    The Märklin H0 grade crossing works by means of contact tracks, one of the special features of the center conductor concept. Detailed information about this can be found in the technical tips.
    Tipp 405


  • How do I set up the Märklin H0 catenary?

    The complete system for the current Märklin H0 catenary is presented and explained extensively in the instructions for the former 70000 catenary starter set that we have made available for you as a download.
    Catenary Instructions


  • How can I add to my M Track layout with the Märklin H0 track systems?

    We have assembled several important explanations in this technical tip for returning model railroaders. They go into the topic of track systems in more detail..
    Tip 403

  • How do I do analog block operation on my Märklin H0 layout?

    We have brought together in the download below the connections for different analog controlled automatic circuits, among them block route operation. Tip 411


  • Where do I find track plans for expanding my C Track starter set?

    Several sample layouts are included in the instructions for the 24902 - 24905 track extension sets. They give you interesting layouts in different expansion steps that can also be mastered by a beginner. We have made this instruction manual available here as a download (file size 16 MB).
    Track Plan Brochure


  • What must I keep in mind when using the 74491, 74492, or 75491 turnout mechanisms?

    Many factors influence the operation of these electro-magnetic mechanisms. You can find more about this in the document nearby available as a download.
    Tip 404