Frequently Asked Questions about Analog Operation

  • How does the Märklin AC system work?

    The special thing about the Märklin H0 assortment is the type of "hot" current to the layout by means of the center conductor and the use of AC voltage for analog operation. The advantages resulting from this and the features of the system are described in the following Technical Tip. The connections for a train control transformer are also presented there for all 3 track systems..
    Tip 201

  • How does analog control of a Märklin H0 locomotive work?

    This process has functioned practically unchanged in Märklin train control transformers in the last 50 years. This operation is described in the following Technical.
    Tip 203

  • How do I connect a Märklin H0 turnout for analog operation?

    We have described this process in a Technical Tip that is available to you as a download.
    Tip 204

  • How can I achieve multi-train control with Märklin H0?

    You need a dedicated train control transformer for each locomotive you want to control separately in analog operation. This train control transformer then supplies power to an area of the layout in which only the affected locomotive is running. More about this type of operation can be found in our Technical Tip.
    Tip 202

  • How can I store a locomotive safely on siding?

    This is best done by turning off the track voltage in this area. The required measures are explained in our Technical Tip.
    Tip 209

  • How to connect model railway lamps analog?

    The 66470 traction transformer is also capable of supplying model railroad lamps that are suitable for an AC voltage of 16 volts. More about this technology can be found in the following tip.
    Tipp 208

  • Can I use a digital locomotive without hesitation on a layout controlled with analog AC?

    There is no hesitation required here at least for all Märklin H0 digital locomotives in the current assortment. The details about this subject can be found in the technical tip.Tip 207