Tips for Beginners

The Märklin Start up assortment is just right for getting started in the hobby of model trains. The affordable alternative to the Märklin advanced products offers all of the advantages and quality features that you would associate with the model train manufacturer Märklin with its rich tradition.


The Advantages:

  • A Märklin Start up starter set is just right for children ages 6 and above, and for adults wanting to get started in the hobby of model railroading. Everything is included in these sets that you need for a quick start.
  • The space required is not so great as with permanently installed advanced layouts. A Märklin Start up layout can be taken down and stored again quickly and easily.
  • The Märklin Start up assortment offers a wide variety of ways to expand. Regardless of whether it's individual locomotives, cars, or richly detailed accessories, a layout can be designed the way you want it. Moreover, at an affordable price.
  • When you would like to move up to the advanced Märklin products, you can continue to use your Märklin Start up items. The Märklin C Track is also used in the Märklin Start up assortment so that the track can continue to be used with no problem.