Märklin mLD / mSD Retrofit Decoders

The Latest Technology for (Almost) Every Locomotive
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Decoders for retrofit installation in existing locomotives have been available since the beginning of the digital era in the Eighties. New technologies were however always first used in locomotives from current production at that time and were therefore not available for retrofitting. That was then, because with the new mLD and mSD decoders you can convert many older locomotives and powered units to the same technical level shown by our current high-efficiency models in conjunction with the latest control devices.

Download sound files free of charge
Reports about practical applications from the Märklin Magazin

Seven Facts about the New Generation of Decoders

Fact 1: One for All.

  • You decide whether you want to use a decoder with many functions (mLD) or with functions and sound (mSD).
  • The type selected either fits directly into almost all Märklin locomotives or fits into Märklin locomotives together with a motor conversion kit.

Technical Tip:

  • In most cases, the motor conversion kit gives the model greater performance.
  • Conversion kits are available for DC and AC systems.

Fact 2: Easy Updating

  • After you have installed the adapter circuit board, you will no longer have to solder in the future: simple installation and removal of the decoder thanks to a 21-pin interface connector (plug-in connection).
  • Easy to mount with a mounting hole and a screw.
  • The adapter circuit board fits into any H0 model with its 300 mm / 11-13/16" of wire (as long as there is sufficient space for installation)
  • Solder-free connections for the speaker included with the decoder thanks to plug-in connectors.

Technical Tip:

  • The adapter circuit board includes additional solder connection points for
  • 5V, UB, GN, CLK, DAT, IN1, IN2, IN3

Fact 3: Excellent Running Characteristics

  • Powerful switching and an even speed on descending grades – no problem thanks to effective motor control.
  • The decoders are already preset for Märklin high-efficiency motors.
  • High-efficiency motor conversion kits are available for (almost) all older Märklin locomotives: 60941, 60943, and 60944.

Technical Tip:

  • Only the setting for one CV must be changed to adjust a decoder to a locomotive or powered unit.

Fact 4: Sound that Thrills

  • Optimal adaptation to the acoustic conditions in the locomotive or powered unit.
  • Two speakers with acoustic enclosures and different sound characteristics included with the decoder.
  • Like a good HiFi box: powerful, loud sound from low-ohm speakers.

Technical Tip:

  • Sound quality begins with the recording: The sound files are stored and played back with a resolution of 16 bits and a sample rate of 16 kHz.
  • Speaker impedance: 8 Ohms

Fact 5: A Variety of Sounds – All Real and Free of Charge!

  • The sound recordings are generally done on prototype locomotives or powered units at current museums and in real life operation.
  • A growing assortment of operations and background sounds are available for many steam, diesel, and electric locomotives of different classes.
  • You can download the complete sound file to fit your type of locomotive free of charge from us on the Web.

Technical Tip:

  • The sound update can be done directly with the Central Station 2; a programmer is not required.
  • A sound download can be done by means of a direct Internet connection to the CS2 or by USB stick.

Fact 6: Prototypical Auxiliary Functions

  • Realistic auxiliary functions open up many new operating possibilities.
  • Function outputs cannot only be controlled, they are also adjustable – i.e. not just on/off, but also bright/dark, fast/slow, loud/soft...
  • The decoder can be used as a locomotive decoder with 4 or as a function decoder with 8 enhanced outputs.

Technical Tip:

  • All functions can also be accessed with the 6021 Control Unit.
  • Control for Telex couplers can be retrofitted.
  • Graphic "function mapping" is possible with the CS2.
  • There is an extensive CV list to make use of all the possibilities.
Light functions

Fact 7: Compatibility

  • The new generation of decoders is compatible with all Märklin digital formats and the DCC system.
  • The decoders can be operated immediately with the 6020, 6021, Mobile Station, and Central Station controllers.
  • The digital format is automatically recognized, as is analog operation with AC and DC.
  • The most important values that have been set (maximum speed, motor control, auxiliary functions, etc.) remain functional even in analog operation.

Technical Tip:

  • Can be programmed with the protocols MM, mfx, and DCC.
  • Individual protocols can be turned off.
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