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Welcome to the archive. Our older models have earned more than just a nice place in our memory. Märklin Systems and Delta have proven their staying power here. Modern components of the Märklin Digital world are compatible with the older models. This makes this archive with its systems informative and timeless..

Märklin Systems – More Locomotives, More Functions.

Märklin Systems was the "next step" in model railroad control. The Central Station equipped with a touch-sensitive graphic screen replaced the 6021 Control Unit of the previous Märklin Digital system. When they were introduced at the start of 2004, they established a new level of digital model railroad technology with numerous new functions, automatic locomotive registration in the mfx system, and interactive operation.

The starter area also profited from Systems and mfx. Equipped with clearly more possibilities than the Delta System, the "Mobile Station" of today represented a powerful basis for a challenging digital start as well as for train operations on medium size layouts.


With it, you directed a large number of trains on one and the same track layout. You literally set the tone: sound effects, lighting, or special functions on your models, you have them enjoyably under control thanks to real Plug & Play comfort. Yet as a model railroader's requirements regarding comfort and variety increased, the development followed these wishes. A new milestone was set in September of 2008 with the introduction of the new central units from Märklin Digital. This new Central Station was clearly more powerful than the previous Systems model and it would therefore replace it. Information for software downloads for the owners of the Systems Central Station can still be found here. Please visit the Systems service page for this.

Software and Service for Märklin Systems

Software was naturally of central importance for the digital components in the Märklin Systems program for their function with each other as well as for communication with the user. Here in the Download Area you will find all of the data and documents to keep your devices up-to-date.

Sys Download

Software Update for the Central Station

This is the newest software version for your Central Station. Please download the file and install it on your device as described on page 21 of the instructions (7.3 Firmware Update). Please pay attention to the notes for data safety and for the duration of the update procedure.

(As of January 2008 - 2 MB)

Version 2.04

Operating Instructions

Sys Download 2

The operating instructions answer all detail questions about the practical connections and operation of the Mobile Station.

If your Mobile Station appears not to react any more after being plugged into the Central Station, please refer to the reference sheet.

Operating Instructions (PDF – 1.2 MB)Reference Sheet (PDF - 1 MB)
download 3

Here are the operating instructions for the Central Station for your information about the new possibilities and their application in practice (Update Version July 2007) as well as a reference sheet about handling the batteries and about the connections for turnout decoders.

Operating Instructions German/English (PDF - 6 MB)Operating Instructions French/Dutch (PDF – 5.8 MB)Operating Instructions Spanish/Italian (PDF - 7 MB)Reference Sheet 4 languages (PDF - 1 MB)

The Systems Architecture Illustrated

Download 5

Notes about Connections

An important reference sheet about the operation of the Mobile Station on layouts on which analog train control transformers are also present can be seen here.

External Voltage Reference (PDF - 100 KB)
Download 6

Transformer Performance

We constantly receive questions about the technical specifications for train control and accessory transformers for supplying power to model railroads. This article should give solid answers to the most frequently asked questions.

Transformers – FAQ (PDF - 14 KB)
Download 7


Here you will find in a PDF format a listing of locomotives and powered rail cars as a database that is stored in the background in the Mobile Station. Since the complete summary of the Märklin digital history is not a simple task, there may still be changes to one or the other items. We will document these changes with updates to the database list.

Locomotive Database (as of December 2006, PDF - 83 KB)

The documents are stored in a PDF format that you can open with Adobe Acrobat Reader.
The newest version of Adobe Acrobat Reader is available here.

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