Getting Started the Easy Way

Getting started the easy way in the world of toy trains Getting started in the exciting world of play for toy trains is quite easy with Märklin.

Everything You Need to Get Started in One Package
Märklin my world offers different starter sets that contain everything needed for that first toy train railroad. Track, locomotive, and cars as well as a controller are included in the sets. Simply unpack the set and get started.

Very Easy: Setup and Playing with It the First TimeThe sturdy, practical Märklin my world plastic track sections are easy and quick to set up and take down thanks to their plug-in connections. Children exercise coordination and dexterity in the process – and learn with fun how to create their own small world. Even if impatience gets to be too much at times: The Märklin my world locomotives and cars can be run directly on the floor thanks to the battery mechanism.

A Variety of Ways to Set Up the Track Plans
Link: Track plans as a PDF

Pure Play Fun for the Entire Family
Everyone can play together with Märklin my world. Parents and grandparents, brothers, sisters, and friends. The fascination of toy trains extends through all generations! Building, playing, and spending time together. Creativity is unlimited with the colorful Märklin my world assortment that can be expanded any way you want.


Products & Catalog

An Overview of the Most Important Product Information

The Märklin my world starter sets include everything you need for a lot of play fun. Set is child's play with the plastic track sections included with each set. The locomotives and cars can be taken out of the set packaging and they can be run immediately as soon as the batteries included in the set have been put into the locomotive and controller. The starter sets include a multi-part train set, 22 sections of plastic track, and a turnout as well as a wireless infrared controller.

In addition to locomotives, the colorful Märklin my world assortment includes different car and car sets, track sets, and a wide variety of accessories such as kits for a station platform or a loading station.

Several Märklin my world products (all of the products can be found below in the catalog):


The Märklin my world Catalog

You can see all of the Märklin my world items at a glance in the special Märklin my world catalog. You can get a printed copy of the Märklin my world catalog at your specialty dealer, but you can also click your way through the electronic version here. Have fun doing this!

Frequently Asked Questions FAQ

Answers to the most frequently asked questions about Märklin my world:
  • Is a model train a suitable toy for children ages 3 to 6?

    In many respects, a model train is a very suitable toy for smaller children. Playing with a model train stimulates children's creativity. They are stimulated by it to invent and experience an entire world around the theme of toy trains. In addition, motor skills among young children are developed at an early age by playing with model trains, and thinking spatially is exercised in a playful way. One of the best characteristics of a model train is surely that children as well as parents and grandparents are respond well to this toy. There is a reason that for many decades model trains have been one of the most popular gifts for children of all ages.

  • What do I need so that my children can begin with the hobby of model trains?

    All you need for the easy way to get started with Märklin my world are track and rolling stock (locomotives, cars, and batteries). Our recommendation: One of the great Märklin my world starter sets. They include everything you need to get started fast.

  • How are the Märklin my world products driven?

    The children's model trains from Märklin my world are operated with batteries and are thus an optimal toy for children ages 3 and above. The battery holders can be locked for safety and the plastic track sections are also perfect for children in their size and construction.

  • Which batteries are required for the battery trains and are they included with the latter?

    Four (4) each 1.5 volt "Mignon" AA batteries and two (2) each 1.5 volt "Micro" AAA batteries are required for the battery operated starter sets. They are included in these sets.

  • Which products are included in the Märklin my world assortment?

    The colorful Märklin my world assortment includes locomotives, different cars, car sets, track sections, and accessories. The large starter sets form the foundation for a Märklin my world layout. They include a multi-part train set, 22 sections of plastic track, and a turnout as well as a wireless infrared controller. Even the batteries are included in the sets. In addition, the Märklin my world assortment offers a wide variety of accessories such as kits for a station platform or a loading station.

  • Can Märklin my world trains also be run on electric model railroad layouts?

    Since the Märklin my world battery trains have an independent power supply inside the train, they can be used on larger layouts with no problem regardless of whether the layout is operated analog or digital. However, in order to prevent collisions you have to pay attention that several trains are not running at the same time on the same track.

  • Are the track sections for Märklin my world identical to the Märklin C Track sections?

    No, plastic track is used for Märklin my world and it is best suited for kindergarten children in its material and construction. Unlike C Track, this track has no metal components since the battery trains do not require electrical conductivity in the track.

    The size and the track connection is the same as C Track so that C Track can also be used to expand Märklin my world layouts. This allows you to build track patterns with even more variety.

    Märklin Start up products or products for advanced model railroaders that are operated with current in the track cannot however be used on the Märklin my world plastic track.

  • Who can help with technical problems?

    You can contact Customer Service directly for questions about repairs and service. Experienced employees with advice and answers are available for you from Monday through Friday from 1:00 PM to 5:00 PM (German time) at the Hotline-Number +49 (0) 7161 608222 (Germany).

    The contact information for Customer Service:

    Gebr. Märklin & Cie GmbH
    Postfach 960
    D-73009 Göppingen, Germany

    Telephone. : +49 (0) 7161 608 222
    Fax: +49 (0) 7161 608 225
    E-mail: service(at)