Gauge Z - Article No. 89932

Roller Test Stand for Z Gauge, with 8 Pairs of Roller Brackets

Roller Test Stand for Z Gauge, with 8 Pairs of Roller Brackets
Article No. 89932
Gauge Z
Design type 1:220
Era ----------
Kind Miscellaneous
Article not produced anymore.


  • High quality anodized aluminum sections.
  • Precision ball bearings.
  • Z Gauge track included.

Product description

This is for servicing and presenting locomotives with up to 8 driving axles and coupled axles. It is ideal for models of the class 218, class 185, class 189, class 24, and many other units. It is made of anodized aluminum sections. Four adjustable pairs of roller brackets with precision ball bearings are included. Track is included for positioning non-powered axles. The useful length of roller brackets is about 180 mm / 7/32". The 89933 expansion set of a pair roller brackets is available for using locomotives with more than 8 driving axles and coupled axles. The test stand has train power connections for a conventional power pack. Approximate dimensions 269 x 59 x 27 mm / 10-19/32" x 2-5/16" x 1-1/16".


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