Dampflok BR 05 003 DRG | Gauge Z - Article No. 88507

Class 05 003 Cab Forward Streamlined Steam Locomotive with a Tender.

Prototype: German State Railroad Company (DRG) class 05 003 steam locomotive with the engineer's cab at the front, the so-called cab forward.

Class 05 003 Cab Forward Streamlined Steam Locomotive with a Tender.
Article No.88507
Design type1:220
KindSteam Locomotives
For Clubmembers only.


  • First time for the edition of a Fine Art handmade model in fine brass construction.
  • The finest of detailing.
  • Elegant dark red paint scheme.
  • Open metal spoked wheels.
  • Powerful can motor with a bell-shaped armature.
  • Reproduction of the engineer's cab interior.
  • Fill-in pieces included for the skirting cutouts.
  • Upper headlights for oncoming trains canbe turned off separately.
  • Many separately applied details.
  • Packaged in a high quality wooden case.
  • Metal replica of the builder's plate included.

Product description

Model: This locomotive is an exquisite, completely equipped brass handmade model in the elegant red paint scheme of the DRG in Era II. It is technically perfectly crafted out of etched brass parts. The locomotive is equipped with a powerful can motor with a bell-shaped armature that powers a metal gear drive. All driving axles powered. The triple headlights are warm white LEDs that change over with the direction of travel. The upper lights (headlight for oncoming train) can be turned off separately by means of a switch. The locomotive has open brass spoked wheels. The spacing between the locomotive and the tender can be adjusted. The engineer's cab has windows and a reproduction of the cab interior. Fill-in pieces are included for the cutouts on the skirting so that the model can be displayed perfectly in a display case. Additional detail parts are included to complete the buffer beam. The locomotive comes with the Märklin Z coupler on the rear. The locomotive has many separately applied lines and details. The brake imitations as well as sand pipes and rail clearance devices are indicated. The buffers have straight and curved buffer plates. The minimum radius for operation is 195 mm / 7-11/16" (R2) due to the fine detailing and the length of the model. Length over the buffers approximately 126 mm / 5". The locomotive is packaged in a real wood case, and the set also has a replica of the builder's plate made of metal.

One-time series only for Märklin Insider members.


- MHI Exclusive 02/2014 - Product programme 2014/2015


!Märklin exclusive special model - produced in a one-time series.
)Metal frame and locomotive body.
?Metal car frame and body.
gLocomotive with 5-pole motor.
CDual headlights at the front.
ITriple headlights and two white marker lights that change over with the direction of travel.
2Era 2


ATTENTION: adults only