Gauge Z - Article No. 86603

"Staufen-Bräu" Freight Car Set

Prototype: 2 each Württemberg design refrigerator cars with handbrakes and brakeman's cabs and one type Tehs 50 refrigerator car for the brewery Brauerei zum Rad, Göppingen, Germany.

"Staufen-Bräu" Freight Car Set
Article No. 86603
Gauge Z
Design type 1:220
Kind Freight Car Sets
Article not produced anymore.

Product description

Model: 2 refrigerator cars with brakeman's cabs and one type Tehs 50 refrigerator car. All of the cars are lettered "Staufen-Bräu", Göppingen, Germany.Both Württemberg design refrigerator cars have car numbers different from earlier models and all of the cars have weathered bodies and floors. Total length over the buffers approximately 135 mm / 5-5/16".

One-time series.


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ATTENTION: adults only