Gauge Z - Article No. 82422

Freight Service Car Set

Prototype: German Railroad, Inc. (DB AG): 2 type Res 687 four-axle flat cars and 1 type Rils 652 four-axle sliding tarp car.

Freight Service Car Set
Article No.82422
Design type1:220
KindFreight Car Sets
Article not produced anymore.

Product description

Model: The cars have fine, prototypical paint schemes and lettering. The upper part of the car body and the end walls on the stake car are painted prototypically. All of the cars have metal floors. The models are not available separately. Total length 276 mm / 10-7/8".


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Prototype information

Over 4,300 units of the type Res 687 were built from 1979 to 1985. The Y 25 trucks installed on these cards were a striking feature. 500 of these flat cars were converted from 1989 on to sliding tarp cars with cloth tarp covers (type Rils 652).


=Metal car frame.
5Era 5
YATTENTION: adults only


ATTENTION: adults only