Gauge H0 - Article No. 78792

"Bord Restaurant" Theme Extension Set

Prototype: German Railroad, Inc. (DB AG) Bord Restaurant dining car for a class 402 InterCity Express.

"Bord Restaurant" Theme Extension Set
Article No.78792
Design type1:87
KindExtension Sets
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  • DB Inc. ICE 2 "Bordrestaurant" dining car.
  • 6 long sections of straight track to expand the C Track layout to a high-speed route.
  • The ideal set for the "ICE2" digital starter set, Märklin item number 29792.

Product description

This set is the add-on for all passengers on the InterCity Express on your model railroad. What would and IC Express be without its "Bordrestaurant" dining car. The dining car is accompanied by 6 sections of straight track to expand your tracks as a high-speed route. A beautiful expansion with still more track for your layout.


This extension set goes with the 29792 "ICE 2" starter set.


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ATTENTION: adults only