Vollautomatischer Bahnübergang | Gauge H0 - Article No. 7592

Fully Automatic Railroad Grade Crossing.

Fully Automatic Railroad Grade Crossing.
Article No.7592
Design type1:87
Article not produced anymore.

Product description

The railroad grade crossing comes with half gates. It is designed for K Track. 2 solenoid activated gates with 2 warning crossbucks and 2 red warning lights which come on when the gates go down. Contact track set: 3 straight tracks each 90 mm / 3-9/16". Dimensions for each base half 137 x 95 mm / 5-3/8"x 3-3/4".


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Prototype information

The gates for the fully automatic railroad grade crossings descend the minute an oncoming train reaches the contact area, and do not go back up until the last car has left the contact area. The contact area can be extended to any length desired. Any straight or curved track can be used with K Track. With C Track an existing electrical connection on the track sections must be separated. On the M Track that is no longer available only the 5115, 5116, and 5145 contact tracks can be used.



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