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Installation Digital Decoder for Turnouts (C Track)

Installation Digital Decoder for Turnouts (C Track)
Article No.74462
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Product description

This decoder can be installed in all C Track turnouts with an electric mechanism. The digital formats supported are mfx, Motorola, and DCC. Connections are with plug contacts. An address can be set with coding switches (MM 1–320, DCC 1–511) as well as by CVs (MM 1–320, DCC 1–2044) using the programming track. A turnout lantern can also be controlled. A knowledge of soldering is required here to make connections. A digital decoder can be installed simultaneously or later on with the electric mechanism for turnouts. The decoder is simply connected with plug contacts and it can be given a custom address for each turnout (Address 1 to 256). Tools or special knowledge is not required for the installation. The digital current supply can be taken directly from the train operation contact for the turnout. This gives you a finished digital turnout that is immediately ready for use on temporary layouts.


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eDigital decoder with up to 32 digitally controlled functions. The quantity depends on the controller being used.
§DCC decoder
With Märklin C-Gauges.
YATTENTION: adults only


ATTENTION: adults only