New Item Gauge H0 - Article No. 72889

Locomotive Shed Expansion Kit

Locomotive Shed Expansion Kit
Article No. 72889
Gauge H0
Design type 1:87
Kind Kits
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  • Can also be used for two-rail track systems.
  • Doors included that close automatically.

Product description

Model: This is a 2-stall expansion kit without side walls for the 72887 roundhouse locomotive shed, with stalls are arranged on 12° angles. This kit goes well with the 74861, 74862, and 66861 (Trix H0) turntables. This kit can be used with C Track and K Track (track not included). The usable track length in the shed is about 30 cm / 11-13/16". The doors to the stalls close automatically when a locomotive enters a stall. Faller 191200SA servos can be installed to operate the doors. Size: 369 x 325 mm, height 129 mm / Size: 14-1/2" x 12-13/16", height 5-1/16".


Faller 180653 LED lighting kit (1 each).


- Summer New Items 2022


, LED interior lighting can be installed.
> Era 3 - 6
Y ATTENTION: adults only


ATTENTION: adults only
ATTENTION: not for children under 15 years