Gauge H0 - Article No. 72881

Locomotive Shed Set.

Prototype: 3-place brick construction roundhouse. Early 20th century construction style. This locomotive shed was in use until taken over by a museum.

Locomotive Shed Set.
Article No.72881
Design type1:87
Article not produced anymore.


  • New development.
  • Can also be used with 2-rail track.
  • Interior details with lighting.

Product description

Model: Each stall is arranged at a 15° angle. This kit can be used with the 7286 Turntable. Suitable for C track and K track (track not included). 30 cm / 11-13/16" inside usable track length. The doors close automatically when locomotives enter the shed. A lighting kit with 6 maintenance-free LED's is included, pre-wired, ready-to-install. An additional building truss support set is included for putting several sheds together without a dividing wall. Size 350 x 461 mm / 13-3/4" x 18-1/8", height 128 mm / 5-1/16".


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kBuilt-in interior lighting.
1Era 1
2Era 2
3Era 3
4Era 4
5Era 5


ATTENTION: not for children under 3 years