Delta Modul mit automatischer Systemerkennung | Gauge H0 - Article No. 66032

Delta Module with Automatic System Recognition.

Delta Module with Automatic System Recognition.
Article No.66032
Design type1:87
Article not produced anymore.

Product description

Electronic component for converting conventional Märklin H0 locomotives to Delta multi-train control. This decoder is suitable for locomotives with Märklin standard motors (flat commutator or drum-style commutator), especially for locomotives with Märklin Telex couplers. A locomotive converted with this module can be operated with a conventional train control transformers, the Delta Control, the Delta Station or with Märklin Digital. This decoder automatically recognizes the mode of operation. 80 different addresses can be set on this decoder. It has electronic direction reversing. An auxiliary function (example: Telex couplers) can be turned on and off when the direction is changed twice. The locomotive's headlights are turned on when it is in motion and can be wired to this module so that they change over with the direction of travel.


The manufacturer warranty is covered only when Delta modules are installed by an authorized Märklin dealer.


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9Locomotive with built in decoder for the Märklin Delta and Märklin Digital System.


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