Gauge 1 - Article No. 58391

"VTG" Privately Owned Tank Car

Prototype: 2-axle privately owned car with advertising lettering for the firm United Tank Storage and Railroad Transportation Resources, Inc. (VTG), used on the German Federal Railroad (DB). Car number 586 197 P.

"VTG" Privately Owned Tank Car
Article No. 58391
Gauge 1
Kind Freight Cars
Article not produced anymore.


  • Improved detailing.
  • Shorter couplers.

Product description

Model: The car has a brakeman's platform, side ladders, and a small platform under the tank dome. It has a partially open frame with separately applied details. The car's frame is new and has the brake valves and associated details, a brake crank, and brake rigging. The car has shorter claw couplers. Reproduction prototype couplers and brake hoses are included with the car. The minimum radius for operation is 600 mm / 23-5/8". Length over the buffers 27.5 cm / 10-13/16".


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V Locomotive / car has sprung buffers.
W Automatic claw couplers can be replaced with reproduction prototype couplers.
3 Era 3
Y ATTENTION: adults only


ATTENTION: adults only