Gauge 1 - Article No. 58385

Type R10 Stake Car

Prototype: Type R10 stake car with a brakeman's platform (409 357). Loaded with sawn and piled logs.

Type R10 Stake Car
Article No. 58385
Gauge 1
Kind Freight Cars
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Product description

Model: The frame and car body are made of high quality plastic with numerous separately applied parts. The car is extensively imprinted with repaired areas and weathered. The car has a new car number. The load insert is made of real wood. Minimum radius for operation 1,020 mm / 40-3/16". Length over the buffers 37.5 cm / 14-3/4".


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V Locomotive / car has sprung buffers.
W Automatic claw couplers can be replaced with reproduction prototype couplers.
3 Era 3
Y ATTENTION: adults only


ATTENTION: adults only