Gauge 1 - Article No. 58248

Leig Unit

Prototype: German Federal Railroad (DB) Leig Unit type Hkr-z 321 pair of freight cars.

Leig Unit
Article No. 58248
Gauge 1
Era IV
Kind Freight Cars
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  • Completely new finely detailed tooling.
  • Doors that can be opened.
  • Sprung buffers.
  • Prototype couplers included with the car.

Product description

Model: The pair of cars is completely new tooling for the type Hkr-z 321 with extremely finely detailed plastic construction including many separately applied details. The model is the version with one car with a brakeman's platform and with hand brakes and with one car without a brakeman's platform and without hand brakes. The doors on the model can be opened and the model has sprung buffers. The cars also have interior details. The pair of cars is prototypically close coupled. The cars come with mounted claw couplers, and prototype couplers and brake hoses for installing on the cars. Minimum radius for operation is 1,020 mm / 40-1/8". Length over the buffers 76.2 cm / 30".


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V Locomotive / car has sprung buffers.
W Automatic claw couplers can be replaced with reproduction prototype couplers.
4 Era 4
Y ATTENTION: adults only


ATTENTION: adults only
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