Gauge H0 - Article No. 43195

Passenger Cars

Prototype: German Federal Railroad (DB) type C3yg "Rebuild Car", 3rd class, and type CPw3yg "Rebuild Car", 3rd class with a baggage compartment, each car with three wheelsets. Permanently coupled double cars. Bottle green paint scheme.

Passenger Cars
Article No. 43195
Gauge H0
Design type 1:87
Kind Passenger Cars
Article not produced anymore.


  • Factory-installed LED interior lighting.
  • Current-conducting couplers.

Product description

Model: The cars have factory-installed LED interior lighting. They also have a current-conducting plug-in coupler in the NEM coupler pockets between the car halves. There are operating current-conducting couplers at the outer ends of the cars. A locomotive or car with a current-conducting coupler is needed to supply power to the cars. Length over the buffers approximately 30.5 cm / 12".

One-time series.


A steam locomotive with a current-conducting coupler to go with these cars can be found in the Märklin H0 assortment under item number 39380. Cars to go with these cars can be found in the Märklin H0 assortment under item numbers 43174 and 43185.


- Summer New Items 2020 - Product programme 2020/2021


+ Built-in LED interior lighting.
U Märklin close couplers in standard pocket with guide mechanism.
3 Era 3
Y ATTENTION: adults only


ATTENTION: adults only
ATTENTION: not for children under 15 years