alex | Gauge H0 - Article No. 42953

Set of 3 "alex" Express Train Passenger Cars.

Prototype: Allgäu Express as a joint project of the Bavarian Provincial Railroad (Regental Railroad, Inc.) and the Swiss EuroTHURBO, Inc. (SBB). Type Am compartment car, 1st class; type Bm compartment car, 2nd class; and type BRDpm open seating car, 2nd class with a "Bistro" area.

Set of 3 "alex" Express Train Passenger Cars.
Article No.42953
Design type1:87
KindPassenger Car Sets
Article not produced anymore.

Product description

Model: The cars are ready for installation of the 7319 current-conducting coupling. Adjustable buffers. Total length over the buffers 81.2 cm / 31-15/16".


DC wheel sets 12 x 70 05 80

The locomotive for the Allgäu Express is already available as a Märklin model: Item no. 36848 class ER 20 "alex" diesel locomotive.


- Summer New Items 2006 - Product programme 2007/2008

Prototype information

The Allgäu Express is a modern concept for regional express passenger service in the alpine foothills. This train closes gaps in the passenger network that are no longer served since the discontinuation of the InterRegio trains. Powerful locomotives, updated cars, and trained personnel offer punctuality, comfort, and service - features the "alex" is using in the travel market to establish its image. The scenery extending across borders presents additional details about the railroad and its philosophy in the Internet:


pInterior lighting can be installed.
jBuilt-in interior details.
5Era 5


ATTENTION: adults only