AB4yge, B4yge, BPw4yge | Gauge H0 - Article No. 41324

Three Passenger Cars ("Umbauwagen" / "Rebuild Cars")

Prototype: 3 different German Federal Railroad (DB) 4-axle passenger cars. Type AB4yge "Umbauwagen", 1st/2nd class, type B4yge "Umbauwagen", 2nd class, and type BPw4yge "Umbauwagen", 2nd class with a baggage area. The cars look as they did around 1958/59.

Three Passenger Cars ("Umbauwagen" / "Rebuild Cars")
Article No. 41324
Gauge H0
Design type 1:87
Kind Passenger Car Sets
For Clubmembers only.


  • Factory-installed LED interior lighting.
  • Operating, current-conducting couplers.
  • Decal set with different car routings included.


Model: The 2nd class "Umbauwagen" with a baggage area has Prussian standard design trucks, the 1st/2nd class "Umbauwagen" has Minden-Deutz design trucks, and the 2nd class "Umbauwagen" has American design "Pennsylvania trucks". Each car has factory-installed LED interior lighting and operating, current-conducting couplers. A pickup shoe is mounted on one car. A decal set with different car routings is included for each car. Length over the buffers per car 22.4 cm / 8-13/16".

The 41324 passenger car set is being produced in 2017 in a one-time series only for Insider members.

Product info

The class 75.4 general-purpose tank locomotive to go with this car set is being offered under item number 39753 exclusively for Insider members. This passenger car set can be found in a DC version in the Trix H0 assortment under item number 23429 exclusively for Trix Club members.


- Special Imprint and Special Products - Product programme 2017/2018


! Märklin exclusive special model - produced in a one-time series.
+ Built-in LED interior lighting.
j Built-in interior details.
U Märklin close couplers in standard pocket with guide mechanism.
3 Era 3


ATTENTION: adults only