BR 185 DB AG | Gauge Z - Article No. 88481

Electric Freight Locomotive.

Prototype: German Railroad, Inc. (DB AG) class 185. B-B wheel arrangement. The locomotive looks as the current Era V unit does.

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Electric Freight Locomotive.
Electric Freight Locomotive.

Most Important Facts

Article No. 88481
Gauge / Design type Z / 1:220
Era V
Kind Electric Locomotives
Article not produced anymore.
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  • Product description

    Model: The locomotive has a 5-pole motor. Both trucks are powered. The headlights are maintenance-free LED's. The wheel treads are dark nickel plated. Use: Heavy freight trains in cross-border long distance service.
    Length over the buffers 87 mm / 3-7/16".

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  • Publications

    - Product programme 2006 - New items brochure 2006 - Product programme 2007/2008
  • Prototype information

    Beyond System Limits and National Borders - Europe has grown together, and the railroad is being challenged to operate freight service across borders with as few problems as possible and to do it economically. Changing motive power at the borders always leads to delays, increases costs, and also causes the railroad's customers (who are interested in short transit times) to look longingly at the competition on roads. To counter this development, the German Railroad, Inc. has already placed 230 class 185 dual system locomotives into service since March of 2002. Over 400 units are planned. These very modern units can not only run on two different power systems, but they also have the necessary train safety equipment for a series of other countries. This means these locomotives will be used in cross-border service in numerous European countries. The first 50 class 185 dual system locomotives delivered to the DB AG were built with a power output of 4,200 kilowatts / 5,632 horsepower. These units can be increased to 5,600 kilowatts / 7,510 horsepower with an optional software adjustment. The components installed in the locomotives have sufficient reserves for this. The locomotives delivered to the German Railroad, Inc. following this group already have this increased power. Due to this large number of these innovative locomotives, the DB AG's class 185 units have become a familiar sight in international freight service. Numerous other railroads have also bought units of this type and operate them in part as lease locomotives.


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