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Delta Station.

Delta Station.
Delta Station.

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Article No.6607
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    Delta electronic unit for individual control of locomotives with built-in Delta modules. The output of this Delta Station is designed for Maxi locomotives. When connected to a transformer (6001/6002), a maximum power of approximately 45 VA (approx. 35 VA with the 6001) is available. Up to 4 Delta Mobil (6608) hand controllers can be connected to this unit. 1 Delta Mobil is included with this unit. The Delta Station can control 4 locomotives individually. These 4 addresses can be called up from any hand controller connected to the Station. The Delta Station can also be used outdoors to control Maxi locomotives. Dimensions 135 x 120 x 80 mm /5-5/16" x 4-3/4" x 3-1/8". This system is suitable for H0 and Maxi. Either a 6647/6646 AC power transformer with 32 VA power output or the 6002/6001 transformer with 52 VA (42 VA for 6001) power output, sufficient for the power requirements of the layout, is used to supply power. The Delta Station can be set up at any desired distance from the transformer used to supply power and is thus suitable for use outdoors. The Delta Station has no controls on it. Instead, a total of four 6608 Delta Mobil hand controllers can be connected to it. Each hand controller can address each of four locomotive addresses. With several hand controllers each controller is assigned to a locomotive, so that a maximum of four people can each be controlling their locomotive at the same time. All train operations can be stopped with an emergency button on each hand controller. With this system, you would continue to operate accessories conventionally.

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