Gauge H0 - Article No. 60904

High-Efficiency Propulsion Conversion Kit.

High-Efficiency Propulsion Conversion Kit.
High-Efficiency Propulsion Conversion Kit.

Most Important Facts

Article No. 60904
Gauge / Design type H0 / 1:87
Kind Decoder
Article not produced anymore.
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  • Product description

    Features: Consists of a locomotive decoder, a five-pole, high-efficiency motor and installation hardware for converting certain older Märklin H0 locomotives with the flat commutator motor to digital high-efficiency propulsion. The electronic circuit in this kit has 4 controllable functions (headlights from "function", smoke generator and Telex couplers, for example, from "f1" and "f2", minimal setting for the acceleration and braking delay from "f4"). The Control Unit (no. 6021) must be used as the central unit to control functions "f1", "f2" and "f4".

    Adjustable maximum speed. Adjustable acceleration and braking delay. 80 digital addresses can be set. In conventional operation with AC power the functions "function" and "f1" are turned on.

    Information about the 60904 and 60903 Products:

    We differentiate roughtly 2 different types of motors among the univeral current motors used with Märklin H0: The newer drum-style commutator motor and the flat commutatior motor that used to be the standard moitor. The easiest way to tell the two types of motors apart is by the type of brushes they use.

    Drum-style commutator motors have 2 carbon brushes, while th flat commutator motor has a carbon brush and a copper mesh brush (spare part number 600300).

    The familiar 60901 conversion kit can be used for drum-style motors.

    With the flat commutator motor there are a number of variations due to different aramture diameters and brush plates. The 60904 or 60903 conversion kit can therefore only be used for certain models.

    Important Information! Märklin digital decoders and components are complex electronic systems designed for Märklin models. We can guarantee compatibility and functional reliability only when original Märklin parts and components are used. The warranty becomes invalid if non-original Märklin parts or other makes of parts not authorized by Märklin are used. The manufacturer"s guarantee can only be granted if the high-efficiency propulsion sets 60901, 60903, 60904, 60921, 60923, 60924, and the high efficiency decoders 60902, 60905, 60922, 60931, 60932, 60933, 60955, and the function decoders 60960, 60961 are installed by dealers who are authorized for this.

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