Gauge H0 - Article No. 39976

AKN Class VT 3.09 Powered Rail Bus Set, Era IV

Prototype: Altona-Kaltenkirchen-Neumünster Railroad Company (AKN) class VT 3.09 rail bus motor car and class VS 3.51 rail bus control car. The AKN rail buses were built at the same time as the German Federal Railroad VT 98 classics by the Uerdingen Powered Rail Car and Car Company. However, the AKN units had only one motor setup instead of the two motors customary on the DB VT 98. The unit looks as it did at the end of the Eighties.

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AKN Class VT 3.09 Powered Rail Bus Set, Era IV
AKN Class VT 3.09 Powered Rail Bus Set, Era IV

Most Important Facts

Article No. 39976
Gauge / Design type H0 / 1:87
Era IV
Kind Powered Rail Cars
Article not produced anymore.
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  • mfx+ World of Operation digital decoder and extensive operations and sound functions included.
  • Factory-installed interior lighting.
  • Product description

    Model: The motor car has an mfx+ digital decoder and extensive sound and light functions. It also has controlled high-efficiency propulsion. 2 axles powered. Traction tires. The motor car has factory-installed interior lighting. The triple headlights and dual red marker lights change over with the direction of travel and along with the interior lighting will work in conventional operation and can be controlled digitally. The headlights and marker lights on the motor car can be turned off separately at each end in digital operation. The control car has factory-installed interior lighting. At the control end of the car, there are triple headlights and dual red marker lights that change over with the direction of travel. The rail bus units have a current-conducting drawbar coupling with a guide mechanism between them. A current-conducting drawbar coupling and brake hoses are included. Maintenance-free warm white and red LEDs are used for the lighting. Both units have and open view through the operator's stands and the passenger area.
    Length over the buffers of the two-unit set 32.2 cm / 12-11/16".

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    One-time series.

  • Publications

    - Summer New Items 2020 - Product programme 2020/2021
  • Digital Functions

    Control Unit Mobile Station Mobile Station 2 Central Station 1/2 Central Station 3/2*
    Mobile Station 2**
    Diesel locomotive op. sounds
    Direct control
    Sound of squealing brakes off
    Rear Headlights off
    Conductor's Whistle
    Front Headlights off
    Doors Closing
    Rail Joints
    Letting off Air
    Station Announcements
    Toilet being flushed
    Replenishing fuel

    * New features of the Central Station 2 (Part No. 60213, 60214 or 60215) with the software update 4.2

    ** New features of the Mobile Station 2 (Part No. 60657/66955) with the Software Update 3.55



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