Litra Di3 628 JBV / NSB | Gauge H0 - Article No. 37662

Diesel Locomotive with Snowplows.

Prototype: Rail Network Administration (JBV) (developed out of the Norwegian State Railways (NSB) class Di3 628 railroad maintenance locomotive. Equipped for winter with snowplows mounted on the ends. Rebuilt from a NOHAB class Di3a general-purpose locomotive.

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Diesel Locomotive with Snowplows.
Diesel Locomotive with Snowplows.

Most Important Facts

Article No. 37662
Gauge / Design type H0 / 1:87
Era V
Kind Diesel Locomotives
Article not produced anymore.
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  • Heavy metal construction.
  • Large snowplows at both ends.
  • mfx decoder and diesel locomotive sound.
  • 3 headlights at the front and 2 headlights at the rear like the prototype.
  • Flashing warning light (with Märklin Systems) and work lights (with a 6021 Control Unit or Märklin Systems).
  • Product description

    Model: The locomotive has an mfx digital decoder, controlled high-efficiency propulsion, light functions, and a sound effects generator. 3 axles powered. Traction tires. The headlights will work in conventional operation and can be controlled digitally. The locomotive has separately applied metal grab irons and ladders.
    Length over the buffers 25.5 cm / 10-1/16".

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    One-time series.

  • Publications

    - Product programme 2007/2008 - New items brochure 2007
  • Prototype information

    The Norwegian state rail network administration emerged in 1996 from the Norwegian State Railways, when railroad operations were separated and privatized as NSB BA. JBV is responsible for the construction and maintenance of the rail network, including stations, for access to the network, managing rail traffic and the schedules, as well as for the future planning for the railroad infrastructure. All of the maintenance locomotives belong to JBV, including for example those units that carry out winter service. The Di 3 628 is a NOHAB locomotive from the roster of the former NSB that has been rebuilt and reequipped. During the long Scandinavian winter it has large snowplows mounted on it.

  • Digital Functions

    Control Unit Mobile Station Mobile Station 2 Central Station 1/2 Central Station 3/2*
    Mobile Station 2**
    Light Function1
    Diesel locomotive op. sounds
    Locomotive whistle
    Direct control
    Letting off Air
    Sound of squealing brakes off
    Flashing Warning Light

    * New features of the Central Station 2 (Part No. 60213, 60214 or 60215) with the software update 4.2

    ** New features of the Mobile Station 2 (Part No. 60657/66955) with the Software Update 3.55


ATTENTION: not for children under 3 years