BR 700 DB Cargo-Sprinter | Gauge H0 - Article No. 37090

Powered Freight Rail Car Train.

Prototype: German Railroad, Inc., DB Cargo (DB AG) class Sggoorrss 700 "CargoSprinter".

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Powered Freight Rail Car Train.
Powered Freight Rail Car Train.

Most Important Facts

Article No. 37090
Gauge / Design type H0 / 1:87
Era V
Kind Powered Rail Cars
Article not produced anymore.
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  • Product description

    Model: 5-part unit. The train comes with a digital decoder and controlled high-efficiency propulsion. 1 powered end car. 2 axles powered. 2 traction tires. 3 intermediate cars. 1 non-powered end car. The engineer's cabs on the end cars have interior details. Direction-dependent power pickup through the end car at the front of the train. Continuous electrical connections through the entire powered rail car train. The train comes loaded with different versions of containers and flatbed trailers with tarps. The flatbed trailers have folding supports. The headlights / marker lights on the powered end cars will work in conventional operation and can be controlled digitally. The acceleration and braking delay can be controlled digitally with the 6021 Control Unit. Train length 104.3 cm / 41-1/16".

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  • Publications

    - Product programme 2000 / 2001 - Product programme 2001 / 2002 - Product programme 2002 / 2003 - Product programme 2003/2004 - Product programme 2005 - Product programme 2006
  • Prototype information

    Combining the advantages of the railroad with the flexibility of trucks was the basic idea of this powered freight rail car train from the Windhoff Company in Rheine, Germany. This 91 meter or 298' 6" train has a powered end unit with an engineer's cab at each end and three non-powered intermediate cars in between. These units can be loaded with flatbed trucks with tarps as well as with different types of containers. With this the CargoSprinter closes a gap in the rail service offered and creates greater flexibility and customer proximity. At the same time, there is no longer a need for the timeconsuming switching maneuvers for locomotive hauled trains. Each of the end cars is powered by two six-cylinder diesel motors mounted below the floor that are rated for a maximum speed of 120 km/h or 75 mph.


ATTENTION: not for children under 3 years