BR V 80 DB | Gauge H0 - Article No. 36080

Diesel Locomotive.

Prototype: German Federal Railroad (DB) class V 80 with diesel-hydraulic propulsion and universal shaft transmission. Era III, B-B wheel arrangement, built in 1952.

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Diesel Locomotive.
Diesel Locomotive.

Most Important Facts

Article No. 36080
Gauge / Design type H0 / 1:87
Kind Diesel Locomotives
Article not produced anymore.
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  • Locomotive constructed of metal.
  • Powerful four-axle propulsion.
  • Built-in digital decoder.
  • Engineer"s cab interior details reproduced.
  • Product description

    Model: The locomotive is from Era III and comes with a digital decoder and a special can motor with a flywheel. 4 axles powered, 2 traction tires. The triple headlights change over with the direction of travel, will work in conventional operation, and can be controlled digitally. The headlights are maintenance-free LEDs. The locomotive has a reproduction of the engineer's cab interior details.
    Length over the buffers 14.7 cm / 5-13/16".

    The 42750, 4317, 4318, and 4319 passenger cars, among other, as well as almost all Era III freight cars from central European railroad prototypes go well with this locomotive.

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  • Publications

    - Product programme 2006 - New items brochure 2006 - Product programme 2007/2008 - Product programme 2008/2009 - Product programme 2009/2010
  • Prototype information

    Diesel-Hydraulic Trail Blazer - The class V 80 rang in a new era in German locomotive design. Starting in 1952, these locomotives were the first units placed into service with hydraulic power transmission. Other technical innovations were the welding technology used on the frame and superstructure as well as on the trucks. The propulsion system was equipped with 1,100 horsepower motors from MTU and an equally, fundamentally new universal shaft power transmission, both of these features constituting trail-blazing new developments. These units were also delivered for their planned service with multiple unit control for m.u. operation and push/pull service. The railroad followed the aesthetics of the 1950s with a flowing, rounded locomotive body. The V 80 was used with commuter and fast passenger trains. It was also used for light freight trains.

  • Digital Functions

    Control Unit Mobile Station Mobile Station 2 Central Station 1/2 Central Station 3/2*
    Mobile Station 2**
    Direct control

    * New features of the Central Station 2 (Part No. 60213, 60214 or 60215) with the software update 4.2

    ** New features of the Mobile Station 2 (Part No. 60657/66955) with the Software Update 3.55


ATTENTION: not for children under 3 years