The legendary "Flying Scotsman" celebrates its 100th anniversary and conquers the model railway world!

The "Flying Scotsman" was a steam locomotive that had been in service with the London and North Eastern Railway since 1924. It was developed by Nigel Gresley and quickly gained notoriety due to its illustrious name. The locomotive achieved a record in 1928 when it covered the 632 km route between London and Edinburgh without stopping. In 1934, it became the first steam locomotive in Britain to reach a speed of 160.9 km/h. During the Second World War, she had to exchange her green livery for black, but was later given it back. After several changes of ownership, the National Railway Museum in York bought the locomotive in 2004 and completely restored it by 2016. In 2023, the "Flying Scotsman" celebrates its 100th anniversary and will adorn the H0 assortment of Märklin and Trix.

Steam locomotive Class A3 Flying Scotsman | Art. No. 39968

This is a description of a Class A3 steam express locomotive with a tender, specifically the version used as a museum locomotive, 60103. The locomotive has been restored to its 1963 appearance, complete with a Corridor tender and smoke deflectors, and is currently operational and based at the National Railway Museum in York, England.

The locomotive comes equipped with an mfx+ digital decoder and a wide range of light and sound functions. Its controlled, high-efficiency propulsion system includes a flywheel in the boiler and three powered axles with traction tires. The locomotive and tender are mostly constructed of metal, providing durability and stability during operation.

The locomotive also includes a factory-installed smoke unit that produces speed-dependent, dynamic smoke exhaust that can be digitally controlled. Additionally, the locomotive features dual headlights that change direction with the locomotive's movement, a lamp on the back of the tender, and a third headlight on the front that can be controlled independently as an electric lamp.

Other digital control functions include the cab lighting and firebox flickering, as well as the ability to control the lighting on the tender corridor. Warm white and red LEDs provide maintenance-free lighting throughout the locomotive and tender.

The locomotive and tender are connected via an adjustable close coupling with a guide mechanism, and the back of the tender includes a close coupler with an NEM pocket and a guide mechanism. The locomotive and tender also feature brake hoses, imitation prototype couplers, and closed cylinder covers, while adhering to NEM buffer height standards.

Overall, the locomotive and tender measure approximately 24.5 cm (9-5/8") in length, providing a compact yet powerful addition to any railway enthusiast's collection.


  • Controlled high-performance drive with a flywheel for a smooth ride
  • Locomotive and tender largely made of metal for greater traction and high-quality appearance
  • Factory-installed smoke unit with speed-dependent, dynamic smoke exhaust for a realistic effect
  • Prototypical signaling on the front and tender for greater authenticity
  • Adjustable close coupling with kinematics for better connection between the locomotive and tender
  • Kinematics-guided close coupler with NEM pocket on the tender for easy coupling of all cars
  • Buffer height on the locomotive and tender according to NEM standards for a prototypical display
  • Brake hoses, imitation screw couplings, and closed cylinder covers for more detail on display or on large radii
  • Maintenance-free warm white and red LEDs for long-lasting and energy-efficient lighting
  • "World of operation" mfx+ decoder with extensive light and sound functions for more flexibility and variety during operation
  • Particularly delicate metal construction with many separately applied details
  • Cab and tender passageway lighting can be digitally controlled

This model can be found in direct current version in the Trix H0 range under item number 22886.

MSRP: 589.00 EUR

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