25 Years of Insider Club

25 years ago, Märklin introduced a both unique and pioneering concept with its Insider Club: a club that brings together model railroad enthusiasts and Märklin fans and is managed intensively by Märklin – with exclusive products, a club hotline and the latest company and product information as well as background reports in magazine form, in videos or in the club section of the website. Märklin fans from around the world have been loyal members of the club since its beginnings, and year on year, new enthusiasts join. What do members particularly like about the club? That it is a platform for like-minded people, where they can quickly and easily get the latest information about Märklin and the best hobby in the world. The platform enables them to always keep an eye on the Märklin model railroad market and the trends in the industry. It showcases exclusive club models which bring the industry leader’s top technology to the layout and at the Märklin Insider Stammtisch get-togethers, fans can philosophize about new models, technical innovations or the best layout design. Incidentally, the community is international: The Märklin Insider Club boasts members from almost 70 countries. In the 2018 anniversary year, there will be loads for club members to discover. What, exactly? This central page tells you. A page that will be constantly updated so that you always have the latest information and the necessary overview.

you’re not a club member yet? Find out about the club and its many advantages here or on the club pages, at trade shows or events. And then, if you want to join … well, nothing could be easier: you can register here

Anniversary products

Our new items for 2018 contain two products that are manufactured in a one-time production run in the anniversary year only. These articles are intended exclusively for our all club members. Not a member? >You can register here.

And of course, we are also expanding our fleet of special anniversary models with two new vehicles for members who have been loyal to us for 25 years. They will be informed separately by the club team. The two 2018 club models are also something very special – to mark the anniversary, high-class models will be produced exclusively for members. Our tip: Quickly register to join the club and order the models from your dealer right away.


U.S. and Canadian residents please use this registration page.

25-year locomotives for all, 2018 only:

Gauge H0 Era III Locomotives

Gauge Z Era III Locomotives

Club model 2018 (for all members, no reference to anniversary year)

For Clubmembers only.
Become a club member now!

Gauge H0 Era III Locomotives

Gauge H0 Era III Wagons

Gauge H0 Era IV Locomotives

Gauge H0 Era IV Wagons

Gauge Z Era III Locomotives

Special models 25-year members (from now on for all 25-year members)

Gauge H0 Era V Wagons

Gauge Z Era III Wagons

A perfect overview of the entire range of new items can be found in our new products brochure, which you can find online via the aforementioned link, or can order on paper from a dealer of your choice erhalten.Look forward to the many wonderfully executed product ideas from Märklin.

The anniversary in Märklin Magazin

Read more about the anniversary year, the celebrations and many more interesting facts about the Märklin Insider Club in Märklin Magazin, Europe’s biggest specialist journal for the world of model railroads.

Märklin Magazin – well-informed

The most important information about model innovations, inspiring layout reports, digital features, building and tuning tips and prototype stories – Märklin Magazin, which has been issued since 1965, offers it all. The “Märklin Friend” section is popular, and contains a portrait revealing what model railroading can inspire in life, and what pleasure it brings. The magazine is a fixed part of the club services and a club mainstay – and will of course continue to be so.

Get an idea of what Märklin Magazin contains with the following excerpts.

Club model 2018 H0 plus anniversary report (01/2018, model & technology)

Technical report: “One for all” mobile station 2 (01/2018, special)

Layout report: “Train fun for the whole family” (01/2018, layouts)

Do you want more? With a subscription, Märklin Magazin is sent to you postage-paid and you also save 7% compared to individual purchases.

Hier You can subscribe here:

Or join Märklin Insider Club and benefit from the subscription to Märklin Magazin that comes with your club membership – in addition to many other advantages: the free club car of the year in H0 or Z, the exclusive club models with technical highlights that are first-class in the industry, the free complete catalog and a DVD as an annual review featuring all the high points of the model railroad year. More than 100 club cooperation partners throughout Europe offer advantages if you present your club card – and there’s a special club hotline for all club matters, which is also there to help if you have technical questions, are looking for spare parts or have questions regarding repairs. Members also have access to the special club area on the website with downloads and competitions, and receive discounts on Märklin seminars..

Find out more information about the club here


The Club News has been published for 25 years – initially as an unbound 8-page booklet, now as a full-color, informative magazine. It is produced specially for club members – with background reports, exciting articles and that extra little bit of information. The Club News is the link between members and Märklin and as an information platform, helps to foster the global community – it is published in four languages.

As the leading medium for Märklin premium customers, the Club News provides information about all kinds of club activities. The involvement of the manufacturer’s executive management, product managers and specialist departments ensures greater depth in the reports about the company and rolling stock and the “professionals” of the model railroad scene are kept up-to-date thanks to an attractive spectrum of topics – ranging from models, prototypes and production through to club activities and event dates.

Get an idea of what the Club News contains with the following excerpts.

Investment in model quality in 05/2017

Discussions at Märklin Insider get-together 06/2017

Technology in detail club model Ce II 6/8 in 06/2017

Presentation of club tour / cooperation partners  in 03/2017

Do you want more? With a club membership, the Club News is sent to you 6 times a year – with a wealth of other information such as Märklin Magazin or the highlights brochures – you’ll no longer miss out on anything.

As an additional service, on the day of publication, we send the brochures in electronic form all club members who registered with their e-mail address.

You can register for the club here.
U.S. and Canadian residents please use this
registration page.

Photo competition to mark the anniversary

To mark the 25th anniversary, the club is launching “My best club model” photo competition.

Why not take part? Take a photo of your favorite club model and e-mail two scenes as digital pictures (resolution 300 dpi) to insider-club@maerklin.com. by August 31, 2018 with the subject „Photo competition”By taking part, participants agree to Märklin publishing and using their photos.

Have fun taking your photos!

Become a member

Would you like to join Märklin Insider Club? If so, you can benefit from the annual competition: All members who join the club in the anniversary year have the chance to win a Central Station 3 up until October 31. Become a member now.



Visit Märklin and Insider Club this year at one of the following events and among other things you can admire our anniversary models and other models from the anniversary new items line:

March 9–11,  2018  

Faszination Modellbahn, Sinsheim

The first time the new products go before an audiance

April 19–22, 2018

Intermodellbau Dortmund – wit a club stand

Club members receive a gift, and a special surprise awaits those members who have been with the club for 25 years


Museumsshop in Göppingen with special exhibition area

Marvel at the many club models, club news and other collector’s items from 25 years of club life here

June 8–9, 2018 

Open Day in Györ/Ungarn to make the 25-year anniversary

Take a look at the production facilities and join in the celebrations

Sept. 14–15, 2018 

Open day in Göppingen - with club stand

The official high point in the anniversary year. Club members receive a gift, and a special surprise awaits those members who have been with the club for 25 years

Sept. 29– Okt. 1, 2018

modell hobby spiel, Leipzig

Special trade show flair at the end of the season

Nov. 01– 04, 2018

Faszination Modellbau Friedrichshafen

The trade show on Lake Constance

Nov. 15– 18, 2018 

Internationale Modellbahnausstellung, Köln– with club stand

Last appearance in the anniversary year, and then will be all set to embark on the next 25 years. Club members receive a gift, and a special surprise awaits those members who have been with the club for 25 years

Club milestones

Exclusively for the anniversary - the history of the club

YearClub milestones
1992Presentation of the club concept at IMA Cologne
1993Club cards are issued giving advantages at events such as trade shows and from cooperation partners, of which there are now more than 100
1993Club News: The first edition is an unbound 8-page booklet
1993The first free club cars of the year: “Einbecker  Ur-Bock” barrel car (art. 84438 ) in H0 and “Säuglings-Fürsorge der Stadt Berlin” (City of Berlin baby car) refrigerator car (art. 88662) in Z
1993First exclusive Insider product: 1-gauge freight car “4711” (art. 5430)
1993First exclusive replica: Reichspost car (art. 1989) as zinc die-casting model
1994First exclusive club models: Amtrak e-loc X 995 (H0, art. 83341) and 110 155-9 (Z, art. 8834)
1994The first club annual review appears as VHS cassette
1995Car set Märklin/Steiff (art.48806): Combined set with Steiff salamander and Märklin freight car

Märklin “Crocodile” emblem as H0 club model (Art. 30159: Ce III 6/8)


Märklin Insider tour “Full steam ahead through Germany”: 12 days on tour with the club in the Nördlinger S 3/6

1997Märklin website goes live with exclusive area for club members

Club tour with the class 101 “Starlight Express” to the musical of the same name in Bochum


5 Years of the club. Start of production of exclusive anniversary cars for Insiders with long-term membership

1999Club model powered rail car train ICE-S (art. 39710): Märklin uses a C-sinus motor for the first time

Club model of the historic “Adler” passenger train (art. 26350), the prototype overhaul of which is sponsored by Märklin


Club model “Big Boy” freight loc (art. 34990/37080): To date, the largest locomotive ever built by Märklin in H0


Z club model SVT 04 (art. 88870): New development for the first time with Jacobs bogies


10 Years of Märklin Insider Club with big Insider diorama competition H0/Z at Märklin model railroad meeting in old power station

2003Club service: From January 2003, Insider Club News is available to download in PDF format from the club area archive
2005Club tour to USA on the trail of the “Big Boy”

Annual review switches from VHS to DVD – the 2006 new products are provided on a separate DVD

2007Start of club series of exclusive metal vehicles: Magirus-Deutz curved-hood truck with firefighter turntable ladder (art. 18023) – a tradition is rekindled

H0 club model daytime articulated train class VT 10.5 "Senator" (art. 39100) with digitally switchable table lamps and electric connection throughout. Senator


Club tour to Canadian Rocky Mountains from Calgary to Vancouver


Insider club tour with trans-Siberian railway Beijing – Moscow


“150 Jahre Märklin” (“150 years of Märklin”) anniversary locomotive. DB advertising locomotive 120 159-9 in H0 (art. 37530) and Z (art. 88530) as special edition “Das Original gibt’s bei Märklin” (“the original is available from Märklin”)

2010Club special edition anniversary locomotive “175 Jahre Eisenbahn in Deutschland” (“175 years of the railways in Germany”): Class 120.1 (art. 37542)

“Get-together”: Märklin management team discusses strategies and model railroad trends with 100 club members

2012Exclusive club factory tour at Märklin summer party: View of production of “Donald Duck” club model class 403/class 402 in Intercity colors (art. 37778)

20 Years of Märklin Insider Club. Discussions between Märklin managing directors Florian Sieber and Wolfrad Bächle and club members at the 30th IMA/9th Märklin Days in Göppingen, factory tours for club members only and exclusive landscaping workshops


Exclusive special series for all club members to mark the club’s 20 anniversary: Class 53.0 (art. 37020) in H0 and class 96 (art. 88294) in Z as tractors for cars of the year


Club service order history: In the protected club area, members can view their exclusive articles

2014Club tour “125 Years of Rhaetian Railroad”
2014H0 club model E 93 07 (art. 37870): First “German Crocodile” in the Märklin range
2015Club service: Members can change their membership contact data online

Club hotline becomes additional point of contact for technical queries about products, for Märklin events, spare parts searches and questions about the status of repair orders

2016H0 club model combination rail bus VT 95.9 with single-axle trailer VB 141.2 requires repeat production in the thousands
2017H0 club model 103.1 (art. 39170): First engineer anywhere in the industry that moves dependent on direction of travel – full potential of mfx+ ”World of Operation” decoder with 32 digital functions exploited for the first time
2018H0 club model Ce II 6/8 14282 (art. 39567) with narrow telex coupling based on a shape-memory alloy, first time in large-series production
2018Anniversary: 25 Years of Märklin Insider Club with exclusive special models

Märklin Magazin and Club News report in detail about the club, which lives from and with the activities of its members. Read more about the 25 years with the high points of club life: https://www.maerklin.de/de/journal/maerklin-magazin/heft-bestellen/

From the start of June, club members will receive a poster, in issue 3, giving a fabulous overview of all the club models there have ever been. The club models will also soon be available in the product database under “Club models”.

We would like to wish all club members a wonderful anniversary year, and look forward to welcoming new members to this strong community.

The Märklin Insider Club team