Märklin wins the "Golden Rocking Horse for 2016"

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The LINT commuter train from Märklin my world has been honored in the category "Play and Technology" with this coveted toy prize.

For the 15th time the magazine familie&co and the German Toy Industry Association has awarded the prize "The Golden Rocking Horse" for especially original toys suitable for children. The winner in the category "Play and Technology" is the LINT commuter train from Märklin.

Winners of the vote for the "Best Toy of the Year" were for the expert jury "especially well thought out and innovative appearing new toys". "A toy should above all be fun" – therefore after the nomination phase adults and children were surveyed after extensive play testing as "the true experts".

"We are very pleased that the readers of familie&co, the children, and the expert jury for the most important toy prize are acknowledging us for the innovation we have brought to the toy market this year with the LINT. An innovative remote control – the Märklin Power Control Stick – as well as the rechargeable battery that can be charged with a USB cable give free rein to the joy of playing. Children will be familiar with the LINT commuter train from real life and they will play enthusiastically with it in their room. Christmas has been saved!" Nadine Sindlinger-Neufer, product manager for Märklin my world, exclaims about the award.

With the Golden Rocking Horse, the LINT commuter train from Märklin my world was recognized first for its quality and play value. For the small locomotive engineer, there is actually a lot to experience. When the roof of the train is removed, passengers can take a seat in the compartment. The different light and sound functions enable a realistic play experience. The newly designed wireless infrared controller – the Märklin Power Control Stick – is practical because it is made for small children's hands. This red commuter train can be controlled in three speed levels respectively as well as forward and reverse. The built-in rechargeable battery is charged again quite easily with the charging cable included with the train. Since the train can be operated with two different frequencies, another battery-operated unit can be added.

Children ages three and above can play with the newly developed LINT commuter train from Märklin my world in H0 Gauge. Child-friendly features such as easy coupling with magnets, fast setup and takedown as well as sturdy plastic track provide all kinds of fun for Old and Young. The new LINT commuter train from Märklin my world is available as a starter set including track starting October 2016 in toy shops at a price of about 69.99 Euro.

The Märklin my world "LINT" commuter train

The Märklin my world "LINT" commuter train is available in our program in two different versions:

Item Number: 29100 as a complete Märklin my world starter set including track

Item Number: 36100 as a train set with an infrared controller.

  • Newly developed commuter train with a rechargeable battery and light and sound functions.
  • The train can be recharged again quite easily with a charging cable.
  • Available starting in the 3rd quarter of 2016.